Terms of Service

Regulations for the provision of training, implementation and audit services carried out by „bez owijania” company.

§ 1 General provisions

  1. The Terms of Service specify the types, scope and conditions for the provision of training, implementation and audit services by “bez owijania” sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, the conditions for conclusion of agreements for the services as above, as well as the course of the complaint procedure.
  2. By ordering the service, the Ordering Party confirms that they have read these Terms of Service and that they accept all the provisions contained herein.

§ 2 Definitions used in the Terms of Service

  1. Terms of Service – refers to this document.
  2. “bez owijania” – refers to the company “bez owijania” sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Al. Jana Pawła II 22, 00-133 Warszawa, NIP: 783 180-24-44, REGON: 383528135, KRS: 0000787967
  3. Training – any training service provided by „bez owijania”, such as: training (conducted in the form of a theoretical lecture), workshop (lectures combined with practical tasks), business simulation (role-playing tasks in a simulated environment) or practice.
  4. Open training – a service available to anyone who submits an application by the specified date, provided that there are free training slots still available at the time the application is received by „bez owijania”.
  5. Closed training – a service organised for the Ordering Party, for which the latter has registered a group of interested persons, warranting the viability and merits of project implementation to be conducted on the agreed date, as guaranteed by „bez owijania”, unless extraordinary situations arise, which are not caused by „bez owijania” and remain beyond its control.
  6. Audit – a service organised for the Ordering Party as requested, designed to assess a particular aspect of the organisation within the scope of services provided by „bez owijania” (including ISO, personal data protection (GDPR), and project management audits).
  7. Implementation – a service organised for the Ordering Party as requested, designed to implement solutions best suited for a particular entity in the scope of services provided by „bez owijania” (including ISO, personal data protection system (GDPR), management control, employee evaluation and project management implementation).
  8. Ordering Party – a natural person, legal entity or organisational unit that registered the delegated person(s) for a training session.
  9. Participant – a person registered by the Ordering Party for a training session organised by „bez owijania”.
  10. Application – submission by the Ordering Party of the “Application – contract for training by bez owijania” form. The Application is a formal commitment of the Ordering Party that the registered person(s) will participate in the training against payment upon receiving an invoice.
  11. The “Application – contract for training by bez owijania” application form – a document filled out according to the template provided by „bez owijania”, which the Ordering Party submits in order to register the participant(s) for the training.
  12. Confirmation of participation – a document sent electronically by „bez owijania” to the Ordering Party in response to the application submitted.
  13. Offer – a document listing terms and scope of services proposed by „bez owijania” to be provided for the Ordering Party.
  14. Contract – the document binding „bez owijania” and the Ordering Party to abide by the terms and conditions as specified in the offer. This is the basis on which „bez owijania” conducts training, implementation or audits and bills them.
  15. Training completion certificate – a document confirming participation in the training, signed by an authorised representative of „bez owijania”, awarded to the Participant who has completed the training.

§ 3 Obligations

  1. „bez owijania” undertakes to provide the services it offers to the Ordering Party to the extent specified in the order form.
  2. „bez owijania” shall endeavour to guarantee the highest quality of every service provided.

§ 4 Obligations of the Ordering Party

  1. The Ordering Party and the Participants using the services offered by „bez owijania” shall abide by the conditions indicated herein.

§ 5 Conditions for submitting applications for the Training

  1. The application shall made by filling out in the order form available at www.bezowijania.com.
  2. The registration for the Training is conditional upon submitting a filled out registration form.
  3. Based on the application received, the Ordering Party shall issue a confirmation of participation of the registered persons and send it back using the contact data indicated on the order form, no later than three working days after receiving the order form.
  4. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

§ 6 Terms of payment

  1. The Participant's participation in the training is conditional upon timely payment of the price indicated in the order form.
  2. A non-payment, however, shall not be tantamount to cancellation of participation in the selected training session.
  3. In return for conducting the Training, „bez owijania” shall be entitled to the remuneration as specified in the order.
  4. The remuneration shall be paid based on a pro forma invoice issued by „bez owijania” prior to conducting the training.
  5. The Ordering Party undertakes to make payment by bank transfer to the account of the company indicated at the time of registration for the training.
  6. „bez owijania” undertakes to invoice the order within 7 days from the date of completion of the training.
  7. The price for the training typically includes participation in the training, training materials, a training completion certificate and catering.
  8. As a rule, all travel and accommodation costs shall be borne by the Ordering Party. For specific training sessions, „bez owijania” may specify different conditions.
  9. For closed training sessions and other services (audits, implementations), cooperation terms shall be agreed between “bez owijania” and the Ordering Party in the Contract or in the Order.

§ 7 Conditions of training organisation

  1. The training provided shall comply with the agenda and conditions posted on the „bez owijania” website and specified in the order or contract.
  2. „bez owijania” shall be responsible for providing a qualified professional to conduct the Training.
  3. The hourly organisation of the training shall be specified in the offer.
  4. „bez owijania” reserves the right to change the organisation of the training up to 2 days before the start of the training. Such changes may modify the following: training venue; schedule; training date and time; person conducting the training. Such changes shall not modify the following: the training agenda; the number of hours; the price of the training.
  5. The training may be cancelled in writing up to 5 working days before the training date. In the event of a late cancellation, the Ordering Party shall be charged the full price.
  6. Non-registration and non-attendance in the training session shall result in the full price being charged.
  7. The date of the training and/or the participant registered by the Ordering Party may be changed upon obtaining written consent of „bez owijania”.
  8. If a training course is cancelled by „bez owijania”, the Ordering Party shall be notified accordingly by phone, e-mail or fax. Paid amounts are returned immediately to the bank account indicated by the Ordering Party, or, with the consent of the Ordering Party, transferred towards another date or another training session organised by „bez owijania”.
  9. Any changes to the scope of the training and the contract terms must be made in writing to be valid.

§ 8 Ownership and copyright

  1. All study materials developed for use and during the training are protected by copyright.
  2. Any materials developed in the course of the training and made public by „bez owijania” may be kept and printed only for private use and non-commercial purposes, without removing information about the source of the materials. Each time, the use of materials developed during and for the purposes of the training for commercial purposes or other than private use requires the written consent of the Service Provider.

§ 9 Final provisions

  1. The Terms of Service shall become binding on the day of their publication at www.bezowijania.com to be applicable for an indefinite period of time.
  2. The parties undertake to amicably settle any disputes arising between „bez owijania” and the Ordering Party in connection with the execution of the provisions of these Terms of Service. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the parties shall unanimously submit such disputes, if any, to be settled by a common court having jurisdiction over the Claimant's registered office.
  3. The parties reserve the right to inform third parties about their cooperation for advertising purposes or in reference materials.
  4. These Terms of Service shall be binding as of 01 May 2016 until revoked or until it is amended and published by „bez owijania”.