Outsourcing Data Protection Officer

The service we offer of performing the function of a data protection officer is a solution for entities that want to receive comprehensive support from experienced experts as part of an ongoing, effective supervision of personal data processing within an organisation.

The service of an external Data Protection Officer is an effective tool to support professionals in running personal data protection processes.

Our cooperation will involve the delegated Data Protection Officer handle the following:

  1. Keep the Data Controller/Processor and Employees informed of their obligations in terms of personal data protection regulations.
  2. Monitor compliance with the GDPR provisions, other Union or Member State data protection regulations as well as the policies of the controller or processor in the field ofpersonal data protection.
  3. Consult on projects requiring personal data protection to be taken into account at the stage of designing and developing default data protection mechanisms.
  4. Organise data protection training sessions for employees to raise their awareness in the field of personal data protection.
  5. Contact the Personal Data Protection Office regarding issues relating to the processing of personal data, including drawing up replies to complaints and requests from data subjects and, where necessary, consult on personal data protection issues.
  6. Provide recommendations regarding data protection impact assessment upon request and monitor the implementation thereof in accordance with Article 35 of the GDPR.
  7. Collaborate with the IT System Administrator (IT Officer) in the scope of overseeing the security of the IT system where personal data is processed.
  8. Advise on the implementation of proper personal data security measures.
  9. Draw up or review contracts, clauses, instructions, regulations or other documents for compliance with personal data protection legislation.

Each time, we will determine the detailed scope individually to match the client's needs.

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