Cookie Policy

In this Cookie Policy you will find information on how we use cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website, app or other platform stores on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other similar device, with information about a user's browsing or use of the content in question, such as a device identification tag. Cookies are necessary, for example, to facilitate navigation and to learn how users interact with platforms so that they can be improved. They are also very useful in order to be able to offer advertisements according to user preferences, as well as for other purposes that will be described in detail later. Cookies do not harm your computer or device. When we refer to "cookies", we also refer to other similar technologies for installing and/or collecting information on your device (such as flash cookies, web beacons or bugs, pixels, HTML5 (local storage) technologies and SDKs for application formats. The cookies we use are described in detail in the cookie settings panel available on our Platform.

What types of cookies do we distinguish between?

Please read this section, which provides an overview of the types of cookies that may be used in the online environment. Depending on the owner of the cookies, they can be divided into:

Depending on the purpose for which cookies are used, they can be divided into:

a. Necessary (technical) cookies: these are cookies that allow the user to navigate the website, make a registration request or participate in an event. Technical cookies, which are absolutely essential, are downloaded by default when they enable the platform to be displayed or the service requested by the user to be provided.

c. Analytical cookies: these are cookies that allow us to quantify the number of users, the sections visited on the platform and how users interact with the platform in order to measure and analyse statistically the use of the platform by users and to make improvements based on the analysis of data concerning the use of the platform or service by users.

d. Advertising cookies: these are cookies that store information on user behaviour obtained through the continuous observation of users' browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile for the display of advertising based on this information. These cookies make it possible to manage, in the most efficient way, the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has enabled directly or in collaboration with third parties.

What are cookies used for on our Platform?

Cookies are an essential part of the operation of our platform. The main purpose of our cookies is to provide a more comfortable and efficient browsing experience. For example, they are used to remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and on future visits. We also use our cookies to continuously improve our services. The information collected in cookies also allows us to improve our Platform by estimating statistical data and usage patterns (number of visits, most visited sections, time of visit, etc.) in order to have a statistical view of how users interact with the Platform in order to improve our services, as well as to tailor the Platform to your individual interests, speed up searches, etc.

How can you manage the use of cookies on this platform?

In the cookie configuration panel available at any time on our Platform, you will find all the information on the cookies used by this Platform, together with information on the purpose, duration and management (either your own or by third parties) of each cookie, so that you can manage the activation and deactivation of the use of those cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the operation of the Platform. When you deactivate cookies, if possible, the cookies concerned will be deleted from your browser and, in any case, if you reject cookies but they cannot be deleted, we always proceed to block them. Therefore, we will never use rejected cookies and will make every effort to delete them (however, please note that some deletion mechanisms are beyond our control as they depend on the third parties responsible for the cookies in question). Alternatively, if you browse the Internet, you can disable cookies in your browser.

We show you how to do this in the most popular browsers:

You can use the option to avoid the use of cookies at any time. However, you must bear in mind that both the management of the cookie configuration panel and the option to refuse cookies are specific to each browser you use. Therefore, if you choose to configure cookies in one way on one device and you want your choice to apply on another device, you must activate the same option for that other device. As an additional step, in relation to third-party cookies for the purpose of delivering advertisements based on your interests, you must be aware that some third parties may be members of any of the following self-regulatory online behavioural advertising programmes, which provide corresponding opt-out options:

- Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) -

- Google Analytics -

Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in our Platform cookies is used exclusively by us, with the exception of those identified as "Third Party Cookies", which are used and managed by third parties to provide us with services designed to improve our services and your experience when browsing our Platform. For more information, please refer to the cookie configuration panel available at any time on our Platform. For more detailed information on the processing of personal data as part of our collaboration with third parties and data that is subject to international transfers, we recommend that you consult the privacy policies / privacy settings of these third party collaborators, available through their platforms.


Warsaw, 02 October 2023