Implementation of an employee evaluation system

We offer you a service of implementing employee evaluation process, which consists in setting up a tool for employee management.

Clearly, the introduction of an employee evaluation system has a number of benefits both for the organisation and its employees. Clear-cut evaluation criteria and rules, as well as the general participation in the development of the system, entail one the key benefit, namely the acceptability of the method.

This ensures that the company operates within a structure leaving no room for squabbles, gossip or ambivalent situations.

Our primary activities include the following:

Stage I: Analysis of current practices and staff evaluation principles:

  1. Getting to know the specifics of the company
  2. Business type
  3. Strategic objectives
  4. The requirements of the positions under evaluation

Stage II: System development:

  1. Identification of optimal evaluation criteria (relevant, measurable, exhaustive, independent) taking into account the specifics of each position and/or position groups.
  2. Definition of rules for evaluation and appeal procedures.
  3. Designing tools (forms, evaluation interview guides, rating scales, etc.) to support evaluation processes.

Stage III: Preparation and training of evaluators.

Training for evaluators on how to use the system, how to properly conduct the evaluation process, how to avoid typical evaluation errors and how to conduct interviews with employees being evaluated.

Stage IV: Assistance in system implementation

  1. Informing and preparing employees to be evaluated.
  2. Informing the employees about the goals, objectives, framework plan of the project implementation – (natural reactions of those to be evaluated will include fear and apprehension. Therefore, the information campaign is crucial for the entire venture as a factor minimising the resistance associated with the obligation to be subjected to verification).

Stage V: Conducting training sessions for supervisors

Training is designed to prepare managers to use the employee evaluation system. The training agenda includes the following topics:

  1. The principles of the system's operation.
  2. Procedures and forms and how to use them.
  3. Principles for giving professional feedback.
  4. Ability to select and match objectives and tasks to the position and competencies of employees.
  5. Ability to set/communicate tasks and objectives (the SMART principle, hard and soft tasks, etc.).
  6. Ability to monitor and evaluate performance.
  7. Information on common difficulties and errors made when evaluating employees and how to avoid them.

The implementation process is tailored and adapted to match the organizational structure of the Client. We do not create gratuitous solutions or documents. We offer real, well-tested solutions.

The price of the service is determined individually and it depends on factors such as the size of the company or institution and the level of complexity of the solutions implemented.

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